Pregnancy is the most beautiful stage in a woman’s life. Despite the changes, both physical and psychological, that she has to adapt to, the result is definitely worth it. She must be well informed about her current status by reading as many books as possible, doing research on the internet, and family and friends that have been down that road before. Which is why, the people around her need to accord her all the love and understanding that she needs, and especially emotional support from her partner. This will go a long way in ensuring that she completes her pregnancy journey in the most successful way.

Changes during pregnancy

Among the physical changes to be expected is frequent, heavier and thicker discharge ojg;klwhich should be white in color and not any other color. A greenish yellow discharge (while pregnant) is definitely a green light that you have an infection that needs to be treated right away. This discharge normally has a foul smelling odor that is accompanied by itchiness and soreness of the vagina. The earlier it is detected, the faster it can be treated and avoid further complications even to the unborn baby. In worst case scenarios, the greenish yellow discharge multiplies to give rise to another type of infection more serious than the previous one.

The causes of Greenish Yellow Discharge

Being an unhealthy occurrence, it is not a natural discharge, and the possible causes have to be looked into so as to prevent any kind of problems with your productive health. Causes are Pelvic Inflammatory Disease which is commonly referred to as PID by most health care providers. This is basically a disease which affects the reproductive organs in women such as the cervix. It is detected by severe pain and discomfort during urination and sex.


As the name suggests, this disease can be marked by an inflammation of the cervix.

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI)

Examples include Gonorrhoea.

Ectopic Pregnancy

This is where the fetus develops at the fallopian tube. The presence of a constant greenish yellow discharge confirms the possibility of an ectopic pregnancy.


The good news is that it is treatable when detected early and is still in its early stages. Treatment methods include;

What you eat really matters

The phrase, ‘you are what you eat’ has been scientifically tested and proven. As much as possible, eat plenty of healthy foods during pregnancy and drink plenty of clean water to keep this menace of discharge at bay.

Avoid douches

Scented soaps and baths at all costs especially during pregnancy. Scientific research shows that the use of these scented products increases this unhealthy discharge by a huge percentage.

lbgjtnrveYou are safer when you avoid sexual intercourse during pregnancy

Sex during pregnancy is harmful when you engage in it on the regular so try to have it less often for your safety and your unborn baby.

Have a clean and dry change of underwear.

Wearing undies that are dirty and damp will only worsen things, causing the discharge to be on the increase. Once you wash your underwear, hang them out to dry in the sun, this is one way of preventing and alleviating the greenish yellow discharge.