Health Benefits Of Nursing Pillows

Health Benefits Of Nursing Pillows

A nursing pillow also known as a feeding pillow has many benefits to any mother. The benefits are for both mother and child. The nursing pillow is used before delivery and after childbirth. The nursing pillow can also work as a plus to the mother once the baby is big enough to seat down it can be used as a source of support to the baby’s back to prevent the child from falling over. The best nursing pillow is, therefore, a highly recommended item for mothers and children pre-birth and posts birth.

Benefits of a nursing pillow for both mother and child;

Assists in the third trimester:

gghghgdfdfdffdThe third quarter is mostly overwhelming to most parents. This is because the weight of the baby is heavy on the mother’s back. A nursing pillow is therefore used during this season to support the parents back and provide comfort to the mother thus making pregnancy a little less overwhelming.

Assist the baby in getting a proper latch

The initial purpose of the pillow is to bring your child close to you while nursing. Thus, the nursing pillow is an advantage to help the baby have a good latch. The benefits of a good latch cannot be exhausted. A good lock ensures that the mother’s back are not strained, and the baby does not suckle in a lot of air which causes colic in the long run.  Thus, a good latch is a benefit to both mother and child.

Aids healing when had a C-section

A nursing pillow protects the c section incision. This is because when you have the nursing pillow, the baby cannot get close to the incision neither can the incision be injured by yourself thus a nursing pillow protects the incision from further harm and aids in healing faster.

Provides Relief from Reflux:

Reflux is a common condition for babies so is colic. If the baby does not latch properly, reflux and colic are likely to get worse. A nursing pillow is, therefore, a good as it gives a child the proper latch and relaxation thus enabling the baby not to suffer from the conditions. This is because reflux is as a result of gastrointestinal problems.

Helps in supporting your baby

hghghghghInitially, the purpose of a nursing pillow was to help the baby and aid the baby in sitting up! This was once the baby was between four to six months. Therefore, once the baby gets to an age where they are being trained to sit up a nursing pillow will come in handy.