Getting Rid Of Wrinkles

Getting Rid Of Wrinkles

Circumvent the sun

Study and research has shown that the sun is the number one cause of wrinkles. It is more severe than genetic factors. Those people who expose themselves to the sun are more prevalent to getting wrinkles than those who are always indoors. Nonetheless, it has been observed that it is impossible always to stay indoors thus the solution is always to wear a sunscreen. Wrinkle Relaxers takes care of the facial aspect of people. Apart from just preventing wrinkles, the sunscreen can even prevent skin cancer.

Avoid smoking

Cigarette smoking releases an enzyme that breaks down the elastin and collagen of the skin, which are essential skin components.

Get tolerable sleep

hghghghbbwqxzIf and when you do not produce enough sleep the body produces an excess hormone -cortisol that is responsible for breaking down the skin. When you get enough sleep, the body produces the human growth hormone which facilitates in the thickening of the skin, making the skin more elastic and less wrinkly is also advisable to sleep on your back. So as to prevent the face from getting sleep lines, which do not immediately wear out once you wake up.

Use reading glasses

Avoid squinting! A tiresome facial measure like looking forms a groove around the eyes which over time creates wrinkles, because of tired facial muscles. It is also important to use sunglasses during sunny periods to avoid the area around the skin from being the sun damaged.

Improve your diet

Eat salmon, and cold-water fish which are both a great source of protein and proteins are building blocks of great skin. Omega 3 which is a fatty acid found in fish keeps the skin plump and youthful which assists in the reduction wrinkles. Research also shows that soy helps in protecting and heal sun damaged skin. After six months of using soy, the firmness and skin structure are improved. Fruit and vegetables have antioxidant compounds that help in fighting damage caused by unstable molecules that damage skin cells, this, in turn, helps the skin look and feel more radiant and younger.

Take cocoa and avoid coffee

Cocoa contains catechin and epicatechin that is responsible for protecting the skin from sun damage, improving circulation to skin cells and gives skin a smoother feel.


hghhgghghghgh“Moisturized skin is better looking, and the crinkles and lines are concealed by the moisture. It is also important not to over wash the skin as this strips off the natural skin moisture that is available on the skin surface. Instead of using harsh soaps on your skin use soap that contains oil and facial cleansers for excellent results.